Change is Hard but the Future is Proming


Never listen to anyone who says starting a new job, moving, or having a long distance relationship will be easy…

A new job, no matter what it is, will require you to learn and adapt to your new responsibilities and challenges.

Moving, even if you chose to make that step also requires many many changes that you won’t be ready for either emotionally or physically which you most likely won’t realize had such an impact on you…

until you have cried.

Lastly, long distance relationships require so much sacrifice and work, no matter how long you have been dating it will be painful and depressing being apart for so long.

Now, heres the truth about it all,


There will be pain, tears, depression, or anything else you can imagine feeling with such difficult changes or experiences.

Truthfully, it is awful but it is NOT forever and it will definitely get better with time. Within a week you will figure out your relationship, your job will start seeing less impossible and the move will be over with and everything has been unpack and put away.

It will get easier darlings.



The College Doyenne ❤




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