Family Judgement

No-one will ever understand your mind. However this doesn’t mean that you have to let yourself continually be bombarded with judgments and cruel remarks. Being a woman in a long distance relationship, with a man 7 years older than me, who is from a different culture than me and was raised in a different religion… I get a lot of grief from various family members and I mean A LOT.

However, if you really got to know me, and us, you would learn…

He is Deaf… not hard of hearing, completely Deaf.

This makes him amazing! I love the new culture I have been exposed to so much that I now want to be an American Sign Language Interpreter because I love this culture and these people that I want to help and love!

It also means he didn’t have the same school timeframe as everyone else, meaning he took longer to graduate with his AA however, this doesn’t make him unintelligent, it makes him unique and different.

Here is what else you don’t know… and my family doesn’t take the time to find out. We are the same religion, he made the choice and turned from what he was taught. Just happening to be the same as what I am ūüôā So, hold your judgments, we are very equally yolked and he keeps me more steadfast in God than I would be on my own.

So in the end, you learn the why and the how and the what and you start to understand and loose many judgements and preconceived notions you may have based on hearing the first few things I said…

Now for the truth, family will always judge, there will always be someone who wants to hold you back and destroy your happiness because it is not their idea of happiness… Please just let them go. Love your life, be happy, do what is right, be humble and remember¬†that you can triumph over adversity.

Love you darlings,

The College Doyenne ‚̧




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