Long Distance Feels Like Eternity 

Where do I begin? First off… LDR can be both a blessing and a curse. They make you want, crave and miss that person who you may or may not have at one point been seeing everyday but now only see once every 3+ months. They make you cry, remembering the good times and the difficult ones. And they can even make you depressed because it seems like it has been forever since His rough working and basketball player hands gently caressed your cheek and lips…

Truthfully this past week has been one of the hardest weeks of my life, so much that is new and difficult and when it gets rough…not being to run into his open arms and forehead kisses has been the worst. Not realizing it I had become solemn and depressed as I felt alone without my best friend and love of my life beside me. Then… I think about all the men and women serving in the military who can’t just plan a visit home to see their loved ones… And I am instantly humbled. I know.  It will get better. And it could be far more difficult than it is. 

At the end of the day I am blessed and lucky to have someone who was willing to start a LDR with my crazy self. Haha. 
Love you darlings,

The College Doyenne ❤


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