Sweet Musings

If I were to stay would you love me in the morning?

Would you hold me close or would you leave me, sick of every time you see me?

When I wake up would I find, empty sheets, a broken mind?

What tear would fall, gently down my cooked smile?

For did I see this coming as my grimace would suggest, a tainted smile playing softly cross my quivering lips?


Would I wake to your warm embrace ?

Your callous fingers running cross my face?

Playing gently on the bones of my spine a melody that means it’s true love this time?

Telling me sweety in my ear that you will always will be near?

Even if near is too far away for any of this to come true today?

Truth is when I wake up from enchantment it will only be to find that my worries were true…

‘Tis but a dream and the covers are empty and cold beside me…

Hurry I need you here, my soul is calling.

For the one who calms all my fears in the night and quiets my soul when it’s had such a fright.

The College Doyenne ❤


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