Texting Emotions…

How many times have you gone to respond to a text and you don’t know whether the person will understand the intonation of your reply or not so either you chance it or you delete your witty reply and respond with a “thats cool,” “great,” or “nice…?”

Today, against all my better judgments and the angel on my shoulder I engaged in a hated exchange with my boyfriend that ended with him saying “Just don’t talk to me right now.” Had I simply not engaged in the emotionally charged conversation via text, then we would have never had the altercation and this post would have been written without a very solid and recent example to back it up. I called him on FaceTime and he apologized when he realized that I hadn’t breathed a word of the subject he was mad about and then out came the things he was wresting with a all the reasons why he was upset and stressed.

THAT is why you don’t do it over text, immediately you loose that intimate connection. Not that texting doesn’t have its beneficial uses but it wasn’t made for serious talks.

Truth time…

Chances are that if you engage in an emotion filled exchange via text someone will end up getting hurt and annoyed and maybe even done. When someone is done, you know its bad and the only way to recover is a good FaceTime or phone call to allow emotions to have their way with our loved ones pathos side. Bit of advise for the day, DON’T DO IT.

I don’t care if you’re busy, or can’t seem to catch a break, MAKE THE TIME. Don’t risk your relationship over trivial things like that. JUST DO IT IN PERSON IF YOU CAN.

Pick your battles, and remember than LOVE CONQUERS ALL. Drop your egotistical, emotion filled texts and replace them with meaningful phone calls and in person meet ups, where at the end you can hug or kiss;) it all away. Making a sweet ending to a sometimes bitter sweet conversation.

Even if its just a blown kiss via FaceTime it is better than nothing!


Good luck to you all.

Love you my darlings,

The College Doyenne ❤


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